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Setting up CorelDRAW to work for You
Many Computers are shared by number of users. The use of CorelDRAW varies from user to user. Every user has his own ways of working. Most of the old users will agree about the pain if they are forced to work on a machine which is not the one they use daily. There is a solution for this. Any machine rather any copy of CorelDRAW can be set to work for YOU as you need.

Ways of creating Hi-Tech PDFs as you need
Every design workflow requires the creation of various PDFs of the designs created in CorelDRAW. Same design requires to be converted to PDF for mailing, proofing or final output. Every time you make a PDF requires different settings depending on the requirements of that particular instance. CorelDRAW supports many PDF formats. Know more about the PDFs and learn how to create those from CorelDRAW. Understand the various settings that have influence on output from PDFs.

Changing colors, text or graphic attributes at one go
Learn to change the colors, text attributes or fills and outlines in the entire job at one go. Consider a case where the client needs a color option for a job that’s almost ready to print or just wants to replace a font of all the headlines in the job. Be a master who can do it at one go in CorelDRAW.

How to use Find and Replace wizard effectively
It’s a nightmare to find the RGB fills or Specific spot colors to replace it with the CMYK equivalents. Especially when the text is brought from Word of similar application. Another issue arises when RGB images are reproduced dull when printed on CMYK machine. Learn to find/replace many more objects effectively in CorelDRAW.

Wonders of Symbol Library for repeated elements
Hmm. How do I explain this? Ok. you create a kind of mascot which is placed on various places on multiple pages in the job. Your client needs a change in color or the curves in the mascot. Normally the workflow is to make changes in one of the instance of mascot, copy the changed object and paste it manually every where it is needed. CorelDRAW can do it automatically for you. I use this while I work on beautifying the floor plans to put in the scheme brochures.


No. of sessions: 1
Hrs. per session: 6hrs.

Everything from Basic Level PLUS…

Sorting out the issues in color and real life measurement
Very frequently I get calls from users complaining about the output not matching to what they see on their monitor. In CorelDRAW, the user can configure the way how colors should be displayed by their monitor. Apart from the colors, monitors, especially wide format monitors, display distorted images. e.g. a square is displayed as a rectangle. CorelDRAW can be set to display correct colors and objects at real life measurements. Real life measurement means that a 2″ x 2″ square should be displayed as 2″ x 2″ when CorelDRAW is set to 100% Zoom settings.

Working in Layers made easy
Create jobs in multiple languages in a single CorelDRAW file. No need to create separate files for languages. Another example is creating visiting cards with different addresses (say HO and Works) for your client in single CorelDRAW file.

Data Integration in CorelDRAW (Variable Data Printing)
I have been receiving jobs where the sales letters are required to be personally addressed to a recipient. Offset printing is not capable of doing this that we all know. But a combination of offset and laser printing do wonders. Every other letter is printed with the name from the data. I use it even for the names on a visiting card of a company. Create just one page design and get an output with variable text data.

Making life easier with Macros
Macros or utility programs make life easier. There are some tasks that are not possible to be completed normally in the application. Or say there are certain tasks that are required to be applied frequently. Understanding and using macros makes the life easier.


No. of sessions: 2
Hrs. per session: 6hrs.


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